KMPlayer, Best Player in the World

Are you crazy of songs and new DVDs? Are you a couch potato who is looking for a new program to display and capture TV? Do you use Winamp to listen to your favorite songs? Are you addicted to Windows Media Player, Jet Audio or any other players to see your movies and clips? What about the internet files? Which player do you use to listen to them? Real Player? Quick Time? Oh, indeed, what do you do with AMR files or 3GP files you have captured on your mobile phone? Could you find a player for them? Give all things above said up. A new player, KMPlayer, is being introduced to you that can do anything you think of.
KMPlayer is a significant software which is included with most of important and advanced codecs. What is a codec is something described in the next paragraph. Anyhow, this player made by Koreans can be substituted with Winamp, Jet Audio, Real Player, Quick Time and WMP because it's included with all core elements of these famous players. In addition, it provides you an easy working player for 3GP files or MP4 ones you capture by your phone. This player can be capture program also. It can show TV or any other Multimedia devices attached to your computer in order to capture. All good players use Directshow to play Audio or Video files with different suffixes. Based on an article I read, the Directshow to work needs some files to compile and play the Audio or Video. These files are Codecs. Coded is short for “Compressor-Decompressor”. In fact, these codec files are able to code and decode some certain formats. Skin changing ability of this software is drastic. You can change its skin to your favorite player whatever it is. According to the software authors the KMPlayer is provided as freeware; it can be freely used in anywhere but cannot be sold or a part of package for any kinds of commercial purpose. You can download this software from the TEBYAN site. Its size is about 14 Mb. Don’t lose it! Some important tips to take the most advantage of KMPlayer 1. To customize the size of window of player as you want, you should click right mouse button. In the menu appeared go to options menu and choose preferences. In Preference window select General and go to "when starting ..." page. Then mark "Restore a window to its last size" item. 2. To associate your favorite files to this software, go to the preference window as above-said. Then choose "Association/Capture" item. 3. When you fix your selected window, you will see that the size of window will be changed when a new file plays. To solve this problem, click right mouse button then go to "screen controls" and choose "start playback in". Finally you should choose "current window size". There are a lot of other options that I haven't mentioned here. There is other player named Crystal Player which resembles to this software. Don’t forget that this player is the best player in the world.


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