Thursday, December 30, 2010

Land of Fools

I am disappointed because I live in land of fools, Iran. There are some idiots who state their ridiculous beliefs in public. No wonder if you had heard about the prophetic anticipation of earthquakes in Tehran. There is another statement with one the head-idiots. He said that Mohammad, the prophet of Islam, is an Iranian. This Jackass thinks the young are so crazy and unaware that grasp such words as gospel. It is too fantastic that some scholars publicize his nonsense.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Bad News on the Way

I was walking down the street wondering the situation some gloomy people and I were in. I did not think they would interview us like this. It was humiliating.

I went toward the bellhop to ask him where the boss office was. He casted a glance at me and wanted to know why I was going to visit the manager. I answered but he sneered at me and showed the front desk place.

It was about 30 minutes that I had sat down in the armchair when a waiter came and told me to change my place to interviewers’ part. And it was not less than half an hour that a waiter gathered us up to a commodity where the interview was going to be held.

There were two girls next to me on the right and one girl at the back. I did not like to come back and see other interviewers. At the large table I sat down there were three men on the right and in front of me, two of whom were too old for doing this job. Silence was dominant in the saloon. No one talked with anybody. Two people without greeting and looking at us passed by our table and went to the end of the saloon where I could not see them.

After the first interviewer they called my name. They interviewed me and asked some irrelevant questions about my family. They told me my BA certificate was worthless for them and I had to receive as much money as other staff in there. Payment was around 320.000 tomans (about $290) each month that is the norm salary declared by Social Security Organization. In the second part of the interview session they asked me about my obedient from supervisors and bosses and warned me about 8 to 12 working hours while standing on feet. I knew they were looking for patience. So despite of all my rules and pride, I kept on patiently and pretend someone else.

I thought about lots of things, my mother, ever life, marriage, education and God. I don’t like the job, the staff and the bosses but I have to put up with the condition. I have to shrink myself to be fitted in this framework that is not mine of course. After two years when problems solve, I will be disembodied.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Good News on the Way

Last Saturday I got up and set off to a newsstand to buy a newspaper so as to look for a job vacancy. I had not stepped a few paces that Amir Hussein, a friend of mine in nasty military service, called me. I answered him and he broke great news that my military service card had been come. I was over the moon. Nobody expected to have their cards in upcoming six months, but my card was ready!

I went on my path and bought a newspaper. Coming back that I was ecstatic of course, I hastily opened the newspaper to find the first suitable job I could locate. Unbelievably, as soon as I opened it, I found one!

Tomorrow I'm going to be interviewed for the job opportunity. with the experience I'd gained over my military service, I never thought to be stressed out for doing anything, But as usual, Life wants to kid you, So it makes the situation worse, if not worst, so that you change your mind about certain issues you had absolutely and already made your decisions about.

Being assured for the case of Insurance, I am worried about the remuneration I will be suggested. The commuting way is good and close to my spouse's. However, everything is up in the air by the time they do not admit me. As usual I trust in God.

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